Syncfusion Controls: Examples Using APL

Syncfusion's WPF toolkit has its own documentation. However, the examples included in this documentation are in C#. To avoid every Dyalog user having to translate these into APL, there is an ongoing effort to establish a list of translations that APLers in the Dyalog community have performed and are happy to share.

NOTE: The translations included in the table below have not been tested/verified/approved by Dyalog Ltd – they are entirely the work of the credited person and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. If you have a translation of a control that you would like to be included in this list, then please email

(The following list of Syncfusion Controls and APL translations was last updated 5 October 2015)


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Cell Grid -
DataGrid -
Tree Grid -
Property Grid Property Grid (Pierre Gilbert)
Spreadsheet -

Data Visualisation

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Chart Column Chart (Dick Bowman)
Line Chart (Dick Bowman)
Pie Chart (Dick Bowman)
Diagramming -
Maps -
Treemap -
Scheduler -
Radial Gauge CircularGauge (Dick Bowman)
Linear Gauge LinearGauge (Dick Bowman)
Digital Gauge DigitalGauge (Dick Bowman)
Rolling Gauge RollingGauge (Dick Bowman)
Bullet Graph -
Gantt -
Range Navigator -
Sparkline Sparkline (Dick Bowman)
Barcode Barcode (Dick Bowman)


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Ribbon -
Docking Manager -
Document Container -
Tile View TileViewControl (Dick Bowman)
Carousel Carousel (Dick Bowman)
Tab Splitter -
Chromeless Window ChromelessWindow (Dick Bowman)
Card View CardView (Dick Bowman)



Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Gallery Gallery (Dick Bowman)
Treeview -
Menu MenuAdv (Dick Bowman)
Toolbar -
Hierarchical Navigator -
Groupbar -
Tab -
Tab Navigation -
Taskbar -
Radial Menu RadialMenu (Dick Bowman)
Tree Navigator -


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Busy Indicator BusyIndicator (Dick Bowman)
Notify Icon -
Hub Tile -

File Formats

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
DocIO -
XlsIO XlsIO (Pierre Gilbert) / Zip (Pierre Gilbert)
PDF Viewer PDF Viewer (Dick Bowman)
PowerPoint -


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Report Viewer -
Report Writer -
Report Designer -

Business Intelligence

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
OLAP Grid -
OLAP Chart -
OLAP Client -
OLAP Gauge -
Pivot Grid -


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
QTP Add On -
Wizard -
Clock Clock (Dick Bowman)
Overview -
Spell Checker -
Magnifier Magnifier (Dick Bowman)
Calculate -