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User Groups

A number of national and regional user groups organise regular meetings. Click on the appropriate flag to view information about user meetings that Dyalog Ltd is aware of in each country.

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Groupe APL-J\Québec

Contact: Gilles Kirouac
Email: gkirouac@riq.qc.ca

Meeting schedule: irregular
Suomen APL-yhdistys ry (Finnish APL Association)
aka FinnAPL
Contact: Göran Koreneff (chairman)
Email: aplyhdistys@finnapl.fi
Website: www.finnapl.fi
Meeting schedule: twice a year and FinnAPL Forest Seminar (see www.finnapl.fi/tapahtu.htm).
APL-Germany e.V.
Email: info@apl-germany.de
Website: apl-germany.de/
Swedish APL User Group
aka SwedAPL
Contact: Gilgamesh Athoraya
Email: e9gille@gmail.com

Meeting schedule: see SwedAPL on LinkedIn
British APL Association
aka BAA
Contact: Peter Merritt
Email: secretary@vector.org.uk
Website: www.britishaplassociation.co.uk
British APL Association – London Branch
aka BAA (London)
Contact: Phil Last
Email: phil.last@ntlworld.com
Website: BAA London (Google Group)
Meeting schedule: final or penultimate Friday of every month (see BAA London (Google Group))
New York City J Users Group
Contact: Devon McCormick
Email: devon@acm.org
Website: meetup.com/J-Dynamic-Functional-Programming/
Meeting schedule: monthly (second Tuesday)
Northern California SIGAPL of the ACM
Contact: Chuck Kennedy or Curtis A. Jones
Email: charles-kennedy@comcast.net or curtis_jones@ieee.org
Website: acm.org/sigapl
Meeting schedule: occasional; based on availability of speakers



If you would like your user group to be included, then please contact us with the appropriate information.